FDA Admits Mercury in Amalgam Fillings is Harmful to Fetuses and Young Children

The Food and Drug Administration has been saying for years that mercury in amalgam fillings is safe. Now they have announced that mercury is harmful “in some.” Perhaps one day the FDA will assert that mercury is harmful to all…In the meantime this is a major step forward in helping to prevent neurological problems in developing children. Read more about this landmark announcement by the FDA by clicking here.

In our medical practice, patients often ask me whether or not they should get their amalgam fillings removed. I do not have a stock answer to this question. It depends on the number of amalgams you have, the state of health you are in, who is going to remove them, what they are going to be replaced with, and how committed you are to following a protocol to help minimize exposure and detoxify the body from any mercury exposure that comes from removing the fillings.

A good first step is to have your urine and/or blood tested for mercury load, and to work closely with a holistic dentist and a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor.

-Dr. Gina

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