Detoxification is an Effective Treatment for Environmental Toxins

no_drugs.jpgWatching a major news channel earlier this morning I was shocked when the medical correspondent was discussing pharmaceuticals showing up in our water supply. You can read about this issue in this previous blog post. The “medical expert” went on to explain that the frequency by which we are exposed to toxins from drugs in our water supply is an important factor- so even if there is only a trace amount found in each cup (or bottle) you drink, the fact that you drink many cups per day, for years on end- is what is concerning research scientists. THEN…pause…DEEP BREATH..the news correspondent went on to ask the “medical expert” if there was any truth to all the information out there about ways to detoxify the body from such chemicals and the “expert” smirked and said “no…not at all.”

Considering that nearly every cell in the human body has innate detoxification mechanisms in place to remove toxins from the body, paired with the fact that specific medicinal herbs and nutrients are clinically shown to enhance the effects of those mechanisms, there is more than ample justification for employing a safe and well designed, clinically proven detoxification program to assist the body in removing environmental toxins that it is not well equipped to handle. Beyond that are hundreds of thousands of medical records demonstrating the clinical efficacy of employing a sound detoxification program to remove environmental toxins from the body to prevent and treat disease. Keep in mind that our exposure to environmental toxins has increased exponentially over the last century and the body HAS NOT evolved to the point of being able to keep up with this sudden increase in exposure. The consequence of not supporting our body’s innate detoxification mechanisms is DNA damage and an increase of preventable disease.

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