The Consequences of Fooling Mother Nature

On Thursday, US government experts reported that a chemical called diacetyl that is used to give popcorn a butter flavor, can damage the lungs and airways. ConAgra and Weaver Popcorn Co. both agreed to stop using this chemical last year. Orville Redenbacher is one of the brands that is marketed by ConAgra.

Here is a perfect example of the importance of looking at the BIG PICTURE when it comes to healthy living. While some might say that using a butter flavor is healthier since there is less fat in a flavor then in the actual butter, as it turns out, you are better off using the natural butter EVEN THOUGH it has more fat. The same thing goes for hydrogenated oil. Do you remember when everyone, including “medical experts” were encouraging people to use margarine instead of butter because it was more heart healthy? Well now we know that margarine contains hydrogenated oil, which is likely one of the most harmful dietary ingredients known to man-and is ironically one of the most damaging foods you can eat for your heart.

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