Support Your Freedom of Choice in Cancer Care

Dear Friends, Patients, Colleagues and Family,

Happy Fourth of July!!!

On this day that we celebrate freedom, I urge you to please support the right of doctors and consumers to have access to ALL available cancer therapies that work to heal the body and improve quality of life.

In support and honor of the tireless work of the California Citizens for Health Freedom (I know this to be true, firsthand, as a Past President and long time Board Member of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association and as a current Board Member of CCHF) to gain access to cancer therapies for all doctors and their patients, beyond the standard trio of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.  I have personally donated $600 today, with a commitment of $25 per month so that the California Cancer Bill crafted by CCHF will become law.

Blessings of peace and continued freedom in healthcare for all,

-Dr. G

P.S. Please donate to the California Citizens for Health Freedom (CCHF) now, to support freedom of choice in healthcare & cancer care today!

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