PBS Documentary on Naturopathic Medicine


Windsor Broadcast Productions, well known for its long running PBS series American Health Journal is producing a documentary focusing on Naturopathic Medicine. The documentary will be comprised of seven 30 minute segments on such topics as Mental Health, Adult Allergies, ADD & ADHA. The documentary will initially run on PBS in the greater Orange County, California area sometime in March 2009 and is expected to reach a nationwide audience later in the year.herbs2

One of the segments features Dr. Gina Nick and her naturopathic approach to dealing with Chronic Pain.

Some of the key messages highlighted throughout the series are:

* Naturopathic Doctors are trustworthy, credible, and a qualified choice for healthcare

* Naturopathic medicine offers a continuum of care

* Naturopathic medicine is the “new norm” for health and healthcare

* Naturopathic doctors believe in the power of the human being to regain greater health

Dr. Nick and LTP Natural Medical Center specialize in the prevention of dis-ease, optimizing overall health and providing a sense of well being.

Knowledge is power. LTP Natural Medical Center hopes you will tune-in to this very exciting documentary series and empower yourself with knowledge about the natural approach to your health.

6 Responses to PBS Documentary on Naturopathic Medicine

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  3. Naturopathic medicine fascinating, thanks for your post.


  4. Diana Laura says:

    The Accrediting Association of Schools of Naturopathic Medicine is a good place to start. The link goes into detail about accreditation and where they can and can not practice. Not all states allow the practice of NDS, but you can find a list on the website.

    It would make no sense to become a nurse because, as the website: “Students are educated in the sciences for the essential, an MD or DO, and recent advances in science, combined with natural methods for treatment, disease prevention and clinical education. In addition to standard medical curriculum, the naturopathic doctor is required to complete four years of training in clinical nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, botanical medicine, physical medicine and counseling. ”
    Cliff Merchant MD


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