True Prevention Means More Than Early Disease Detection

An ounce of prevention when it comes to health is worth its weight in gold. I admire the handful of patients that come through our medical practice that don’t have a disease or symptoms they want to get rid of.  They are interested in developing a healthcare partnership with their Naturopathic Medical Doctor and a lifestyle plan to optimize their health and well-being.

And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are realizing the power of this approach to healthcare on a national scale.  They have launched the “Healthiest Nation Campaign” in hopes of elevating our country’s health ranking.  According to the CDC, we don’t even rank in the top 10…and on one list it’s 26th; on another, 47th.

Julie Gerberding, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says  the US puts “way too much emphasis on treating disease rather than protecting health in the first place.”

According to Gerberding, when we talk about prevention in this country, we are usually talking about early detection of disease, and that’s secondary prevention.  She feels that “we’re not really talking about the things we need to do before we get to the doctor’s office.”

To do that, we must get back to the basic foundation of a healthier lifestyle. Simple steps include:

  • Healthier diet
  • More movement
  • Less TV
  • Less video games
  • More quiet time in nature

Learn more about how to prevent disease and live a healthier life by downloading this PDF from the Patient Document section on the LTP Natural Medical Center web site.

Learn more about the CDC’s Campaign for a Healthier Nation

Dr. Gina

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