California, Children and Cancer

July 14, 2011

It seems that the best way to preserve constitutional freedom of choice for physicians AND for patients in our world today is through grassroots efforts that demand our right for freedom.

Here in California, we have the most oppressive and restrictive law in the nation on scientific advancement for treatment of Cancer!

Under the current law it may be a criminal offense for physicians to offer any therapy beyond Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery. A physician can permanently lose their license to practice medicine and if criminally convicted, will go to jail.

California Citizens for Health Freedom (CCHF), a non-profit organization, is introducing a bill in January 2012 to change the law. I serve on the Board of Directors for this organization.

The bill, available on, will make safe and effective integrative treatment of cancer legal in our state. Physicians and licensed Naturopathic Doctors will be able to offer the treatment.

It will have full disclosure so patients will understand the treatment and be protected against fraud.

It will give parents and care providers’ the right to select a treatment approach from licensed medical professionals.

Under current law if parents do not agree to have their child have chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery treatment, the government has the right to remove the child from your home!

Healthcare professionals, corporate friends, and family…if you have been affected by cancer in any way, and/or feel passionate about the freedom to chose the care you or your loved one or your patient receives, please contact us  at to support the efforts of CCHF.  Please put “California Cancer Bill” in the subject heading. As a board member I have agreed to help raise 50K for CCHF to ease the pressure of passing this bill. Please help me in raising these necessary funds to take back your freedom of choice.

Corporate and individual support will be generously reciprocated with a logo (if desired) and website presence on the CCHF website

We are also seeking greater legislative support for this bill. For more information please contact Frank Cuny at the California Citizens for Health Freedom at 530-534-9758.

Thank you for taking action to support freedom of choice in healthcare, for Californians, doctors and their patients.


Dr. G

Freedom of Choice in Healthcare

May 19, 2009

Justice and HealthcareUSA Today just published an article on a new ruling by a Minnesota judge stating that Daniel Hauser, a 13-year-old boy with cancer, is required to seek conventional medical care (chemotherapy and radiation), against his parents’ wishes.  Brown County District Judge John Rodenberg says that this child has been “medically neglected.”

This is an unfortunate and alarming ruling that threatens the freedom Americans once had in making decisions about their own healthcare and the healthcare of their children.  Is the government qualified to make such decisions? Should government have the power to do so, even if it were qualified?

There are other ways to address health challenges such as cancer and our knowledge of how best to treat this dis-ease is not complete.  The concern is not whether conventional medical care is or is not the best treatment for this child. The question is whether or not the government has over stepped its boundaries in forcing a child to receive a specific medical treatment against both his and his parents’ desires.

Dr. Gina

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