New Study Connecting Flu in Pregnancy with Autism…is a Flu Shot the Answer?

November 13, 2012

A new Danish study published in the medical journal Pediatrics found that women who had the flu or ran a fever for more than a week during their pregnancy face a greater risk of having a child with an autism spectrum disorder.  There were nearly 97,000 children aged eight to 14 and born between 1997 and 2003 in Denmark whose mothers were surveyed, and one percent (976) of the children were diagnosed with autism.

Those mothers who had the flu during pregnancy were twice as likely to birth a child with autism, and those who had a fever that lasted more then seven days before 32 weeks gestation were three times as likely to birth a child with autism.

There was also an association found between antibiotic use during pregnancy and an increased risk of autism.

Articles are being written advocating that pregnant women receive a flu shot, as this was recommended by the researchers. We do not know the consequences of pregnant women taking a flu shot, that may contain chemicals like thimerosal…a mercury-rich preservative. The vaccine also is designed to illicit an immune/inflammatory response and inflammation from the flu is one very real consideration as to why the children of mothers with the Flu during pregnancy were more likely to be autistic. The flu causes inflammation in the body.  There are also questions as to the efficacy of the vaccine itself. There are naturopathic ways to boost immune function and lower inflammation in pregnancy. With the help of a licensed naturopathic medical doctor or qualified holistic medical doctor women can take active steps to safely nourish their immune system before and during pregnancy.

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Dr. Gina

Is the Flu Shot Necessary & Should it be Required?

December 2, 2008

vaccine_vialI received an interesting email from a woman concerned about the flu vaccine who is being required to receive the vaccine at her workplace. I am including the email in its entirety here:

“I work for an employer that requires all employees to receive the flu vaccine or flu mist. I have never had one, am very healthy, and try to use natural remedies instead of drugs. Both the shot and mist concern me – side effects and the unknown. I would prefer not to take the risk at all, but am required to if I want to stay employed. I work at a Medical center and they consider it a good marketing tool to claim all their employees receive the flu shot. What would be the best of the 2 (flu shot or mist)? If I take the flu mist – can I somehow rid myself of it afterwards – with a nasal wash of some kind? Thank you”

It is alarming that anyone would be required to receive a flu vaccine in order to maintain a job.  The flu vaccine does not protect against all strains of the flu virus, and there are other ways to support the immune system during the cold and flu season, that do not have potential side effects that are part and parcel with receiving vaccinations. There is mounting evidence that the flu vaccine is simply not an intelligent option for protecting you during the cold and flu season.

Some of the most valuable tools I use in practice to support immune function are:

Vitamin D3 (after testing blood levels of Vitamin D3)



LTP Probiotic Blend

Echincaea Goldenseal Supreme

Whole Body Defense

ITI Greens mixed with LTP Green Light

and Coconut Milk Powder

When you click on the above links, you will be taken to more information for you to read about the benefits specific for each of these recommendations.

Please feel free to chime in on your personal thoughts and concerns regarding the flu vaccine.

In health,

Dr. G

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