Leadership Training Institute

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In health,

Dr. Gina


The Angel Light Academy Leadership Training Institute is a phenomenal organization that teaches problem solving, communication and leadership skills to under served youth.  There is nothing like this organization out there, which is why I have been an active volunteer for the past 8 years and support the organization’s efforts to create quality leaders in our world.

Please consider sponsoring at least one child for the year.  We provide training every six weeks and hold a two day long annual conference each year in Indio, CA in March.  Our organization is 100% volunteer run by teachers, physicians, lawyers, judges, army generals, etc., and EVERY dollar goes DIRECTLY to the children.

$1000 sponsors one child for the entire year of programing. Some of the kids have been participating since they were 3 and are now college graduates.  This organization STICKS WITH the children all the way through, until they reach their desired professional and personal goals.

Please consider sponsoring five or more children this year if you are able.  They truly are our future, and this organization is committed to creating the future leaders.

Angel Light Academy has been in operation for nearly 20 years and we currently do not have a benefactor so your donations mean so much to me and to the organization and most importantly to the children.

Dr. Gina

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