GMO Crops Increase Pesticide Use

A new report published last Friday in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Sciences Europe is raising significant concern that weeds are evolving to become resistant to GMO crop technology, causing a significant increase in the use of toxic pesticides. Super weeds are cropping up in a similar fashion to the superbugs that have plagued our hospitals.  Read more here.

Dr. Gina

One Response to GMO Crops Increase Pesticide Use

  1. Pining for Grace says:

    I’ve known about this for a few years. Monsanto frankensteined soy beans to use less pesticides, in reality they have to use more… I have seen a few documentaries about the evils of this company, what really stood out was how they sued innocent farmers for patent infringements when the farmers clearly didn’t want anything to do with Monsanto’s GMO seeds…


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