The Wall Street Reform Bill…Stop FTC Censorship of Science Based Health Information and Nutritional Supplements

Below is a reprint of a call to action by the Citizens for Health regarding deceptive language hidden within the Wall Street reform bill that grants the FTC the power to end access to information about the health benefits of the nutritional supplements you rely on.  The provisions relating to this increased legislative power (which incidentally was taken away from the FTC before because they abused it) has already passed the House (H.R.4173) and is now being considered by the Senate Commerce Committee.  Act now  to help stop these provisions from becoming law.

In health,

Dr. Gina

Hidden inside the Wall Street reform bill are provisions that would grant the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) the equivalent of extraordinary legislative powers. These provisions have already been passed by the House (H.R. 4173) and are being considered by the Senate Commerce Committee.

If signed into law, this bill would grant the FTC:
Unbridled authority to create rules about “unfair or deceptive acts or practices” across all but a few sectors of the American economy;

Power to seek immediate civil penalties for “unfair or deceptive acts or practices without first giving companies the opportunity to change their practices”;

Authority to go after companies for allegedly “aiding and abetting” others in an FTC Act violation, even without actual knowledge of the violation; and

Power to seek such penalties without coordinating with the Justice Department. 

Make no mistake – this is a serious threat to manufacturers, distributors and retailers of dietary supplements, and would censor your access to truthful, science-based information about the positive health effects of supplements, vitamins, herbs, and other natural health products.

The Senate Commerce Committee is ready to act –  click here to send a letter now urging them to oppose this bill.

Examining the impact of this dangerous legislation further shows that delegating such unbridled regulatory authority would harm the economy, limit market innovation, and jeopardize the jobs and products that flow from such innovation. The FTC could use expanded rule-making authority to regulate areas where its involvement would hinder new and emerging business practices, such as internet marketing. The threat of FTC rule-making would lead to the stifling of innovation in the marketplace, stunting growth that would otherwise create a projected 2.6 million new jobs in the internet marketing workforce over the next five years.

Citizens for Health will continue to fight efforts to limit your access to truthful, science-based information about the benefits of supplements – but we need your help.

Click here to contact your senators today and stress the importance of upholding the long-standing safeguards that prevent FTC over-reaching. 

Thanks for making your voice heard,

The Citizens for Health Team

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