Testing your Thyroid with Thyroflex

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On April 21st, 2009 the Dr. Phil Show will be discussing the use of Thyroflex testing to look at thyroid function and the use of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

I have been using Thyroflex for about one and half years now to assess the function of the thyroid in my patients.  What I find is that the results of this test correspond well with testing the blood for T3, T4 and TSH but it tells me more about how the body is actually using the thyroid that is circulating in the blood.

I see Thyroflex as the next level in looking at thyroid imbalances.  Oftentimes patients who would benefit from thyroid support are told by their doctors that their thyroid is “normal” yet they have some of the classic symptoms of low thyroid function.  I find that the “normal ranges” on blood tests for thyroid are too wide, leaving many women (and some men) battling with symptoms of low thyroid function without getting treated for the imbalance.  There are many levels to assessing the healthy functioning of this powerful gland in the body, including looking at active thyroid hormone (T3), and also looking to see if there is an autoimmune reaction to the thyroid gland.

Many patients walking through our doors with fatigue, difficulty losing weight, dry skin, and thin hair show up as hypothyroid, often paired with low adrenal gland function (the adrenal glands and thyroid work together).  Once actually diagnosed, using Thyroflex, and treated they are amazed at how much  energy they have after just a day or two of treatment. Bottom line, I am glad that this relatively new technology is getting some much needed attention!

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Dr. G

5 Responses to Testing your Thyroid with Thyroflex

  1. Thanklyou for your report. I too use Thyroflex and get really good results whereas the Medical Doctors seem to be chasing their tails in many situations regarding Thyroid. I would be interested in recieving any other related information you wish to pass on . Many thanks Jan Saxon N.D.


  2. Dr. Gina
    What good informatin! I usually test by the Broda Barnes method~the one where you put thermometer, under the arm pit and if it’s below 97.5`then one is hypothyroid, but you have opened me to a new concept!
    I will also enjoy your recent posts
    Thank you so much
    Suma G Nathan
    Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist
    Certified Chinese Herbologist
    P.S. not enough of ND’s where I am in Las Vegas,NV


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