Sustainable Change at the USDA: New Leaders for Healthy Food and Agriculture


I came across an excellent Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture that I encourage anyone interested in the health of our communities, people, animals and the planet to read.  It is a project of the non-profit organization Roots of Change.

Now that President Obama is in office we must do our part and take action to ensure that the right people are in place to allow for a new health food system that meets the urgent needs of our time, with rising energy and food costs, compromised water supplies, and rising incidences of obesity paired with increasing numbers of starving people on the planet.

According to David Murphy, the Director of Food Democracy Now! while Tom Vilsack, the new Secretary of Agriculture, is heading the department, the Under Secretary positions at the USDA have significant influence on the day to day actions of the USDA. In light of this, there are twelve prospective Under Secretaries that have been identified by the leaders at Food Democracy Now! as people that are capable of creating sustainable change at the USDA.  Please read through and sign this petition if you support the efforts of this organization. Please act now, as time is of the essence.

In health,

Dr. Gina

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