The Great American Smokeout


The American Cancer Society is hosting its 33rd Great American Smokeout on Thursday November 20th, 2008.  There are approximately 45 million Americans who smoke.  And quitting is tough, but doable.  One place you can go for free help is the American Cancer Society Quitline® at 1-800-227-2345 where you will receive free confidential counseling.  If you are a smoker who is ready to move beyond this crutch, auricular acupuncture is another successful way to help you quit.  The ear contains acupuncture points that correspond with every organ and system in the human body, and there are some points within the ear that are particularly helpful, and well researched and proved to modify the moods and behaviors that lead to smoking.

Cellular detoxification is a critical step on the path to quitting.  I recommend a three week whole body, systemic cleanse, to aid in the removal of stored nicotine that makes quitting so difficult. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and a thorough detoxification program will help reduce your body’s cravings for it.

I also recommend  one scoop of ITI Greens mixed with one tablespoon of LTP Green Light every day if you are a smoker. This will help support daily detoxification and help protect your cells from the free radical damage and DNA damage that is produced when you smoke.

The decision to quit smoking can’t be taken lightly. But when you do decide to quit for good, get some counseling, and start detoxing.  I recommend doing the 3 week cleanse at the change of each season for the first year, and after that, back down to twice per year.  And in between, take your ITI Greens and LTP Green Light daily. Your cells will thank you for it.

If you are ready to quit, why not start detoxing today, and make the commitment on November 20th, to be a part of the Great American Smokeout!

Dr. G

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