Antioxidants can Protect the Body from Heavy Metal Toxicity

A new research study just published in Food and Chemical Toxicology points to the potential benefit of antioxidant therapy as a way to prevent and treat lead toxicity. This study was done on mice, and demonstrated that the underlying cause of lead toxicity is the production of free radicals that causes cellular damage.  Antioxidant therapy is an effective way to neutralize free radicals and potentially protect or treat the body from the damaging effects of heavy metals like lead.  The same mechanism holds true for other toxic metals including mercury, cadmium and arsenic.

This makes a lot of sense since free radicals tend to congregate within the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) where the DNA is also housed.  Hence free radicals lead to DNA or genetic damage.  Antioxidants bind to free radicals and render them inactive so that they cannot damage the most vulnerable areas within the cell.


One of my favorite combinations for optimizing antioxidant status in the body is one scoop of ITI greens mixed with one heaping tablespoon of LTP Green Light in about 8 oz of water.  This   combination provides antioxidants in their most bio-available, potent and effective form, as designed by nature in its infinite brilliance – whole foods.  These green products also bind to toxins within the body and pull them out of stored tissues, oxygenates the blood, and are a critical foundational element to overall health and vitality.

I believe that everyone will benefit from taking steps daily to remove heavy metals from their system and to optimize their antioxidant capacity through whole, organic green foods.  I also recommend a 3 week systemic cleanse, at least two times per year to optimize your health and feel energized to fulfill your purpose(s) in Life.

In Health,

Dr. G

4 Responses to Antioxidants can Protect the Body from Heavy Metal Toxicity

  1. Sophia Jason says:

    Thanks for the information ‘Antioxidant therapy helps to prevent and treat lead toxicity’.
    Our body accumulates various toxins daily from foods, or environment, products we use, this increasing toxic burden can trigger a variety of physical and cognitive disorders, including depression, anxiety, memory loss, and fatigue. Detoxification becomes very necessary for good health. If organic green foods can detox our body from the heavy metals and protect us from diseases we should go for it. as detoxification of any kind makes the greatest difference in the comfort and longevity of your body.


  2. I had no idea that antioxidants could protect from heavy metal toxicity. I wonder what other vitamins and stuff can protect from.


  3. Angela says:

    Yeah.. Antioxidant antiaging can protect our body from heavy metal toxicity….
    that’s why it’s so very important to us…. Antioxidant antiaging have many role in our body not only to protect us but it reduce the oxidation of our body avoiding from damage… I’ve here a site.. that you can check it out or visit… its talk about antioxidant antiaging 2… if you want to just see the site below:


  4. Thanks for the great post. Finally I have found the right place where so many good information about antioxidant. This is so important for my study.


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