Beyond Thyroid Medication

Dead Tired

A number of my patients come into my office with a low functioning thyroid gland.  Typically they have symptoms including fatigue, weight gain that is difficult to overcome, thinning hair and mental “fog.” Nine times out of ten they have been prescribed Synthroid.  I will often re-test their blood levels of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH, T3 [active thyroid]) and TPO.  Additionally we have a medical test in our office called Thyroflex that tests the actual functioning of the thyroid gland.  I will then often switch my patients from Synthroid to Westhroid which is a natural alternative. One product I find beneficial for my patients who are not responding well to prescription Westhroid or who need additional support is Thyroid Support by Gaia Herbs.

I also find that patients with hypothyroid symptoms tend to have a vitamin B12 and iron deficiency, which is verified through blood tests we perform in our office.  Once that is treated, patients truly begin to feel better and their energy level, clarity of thought, and weight loss efforts dramatically improve.

And finally, for those patients that still do not feel fabulous after addressing thyroid function, I take a look at adrenal gland function and will test cortisol and DHEA levels in saliva to find out if the adrenal glands are playing a role, because adrenal gland function and thyroid function are interrelated.

In health,

Dr. G

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