Doctor moves beyond ‘fixing the broken piece’

This article discusses the transition that one primary care doctor made from a typical medical practice, seeing 25-30 patients per day to an integrative medical practice where she focuses on treating the underlying cause of symptoms rather then applying a band-aid to the problem.  She took on line courses and three one-week sessions to learn about integrative medicine.

Unfortunately many people are not aware that Licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctors practice primary care medicine and integrative medicine as the base of their practice. To properly practice this type of medicine Licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctors spend four years in medical school, beyond their undergraduate work, and take medical boards in order to receive their license and practice integrative medicine. Big difference. This specialized group of physicians is actually trained on how to practice integrative, holistic, natural medicine for four years, on campus (not on line) interacting with the leaders in the field of integrative medicine throughout their medical education.

I seem to end up with a lot of patients in our practice who went to a traditional MD, like the doctor in this article, that then “converted” to a more holistic approach to medicine.  They are usually patients with complex chronic illnesses, that did not see the results they were looking for when working with an MD who learned about natural medicine through a satellite program or continuing education classes.  In these cases, fixing their diet and lifestyle and testing for heavy metals while using acupuncture didn’t cut it.

Doctors like Kinigakis, the physician highlighted in the article, serve an important role in our evolving health care system and it is great that they are tipping the scale back to a more balanced view of the body and how it can heal itself.

Experience with patients, and with colleagues like Kinigakis, that I teach around the country, reveals that licensed  Naturopathic Medical Doctors (NMDs or NDs) who received their education at a four year CNME approved Naturopathic Medical School, have a different level of training and a more in-depth understanding and appreciation for how to use the tools that natural medicine has to offer.  It seems that NMDs are operating in a different paradigm entirely, rather then trying to fit natural medicine into the existing and prevailing medical paradigm of our times.  And that leads to a different level of success when working with  patients who are ready to heal.

-Dr. Gina

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