A Low-Cost Alternative to Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements

The Wall Street Journal just published a report indicating that the major increase in use of omega 3 fatty acids is leading to a potential shortage in supply. This is triggering efforts by major companies such as Monsanto to produce genetically engineered seeds that produce the omega 3 oils.  Hold on a second…there is NO long term evidence that consuming omega 3 fatty acids form genetically modified foods is safe.  Before drinking the Kool-Aid and consuming omega 3 oils at any cost (even to the detriment of our long term health), you might want to try not overeating…

Overeating will cause an omega 3 deficiency.  There is mounting evidence that eating a balanced healthy diet (similar to the one laid out in yesterday’s blog post) is a good way to prevent an omega 3 deficiency.

The website www.sicksyndrome.com has medical seminars posted that discuss inflammation in the brain and depression (Sickness Syndrome Depression), and the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids and how eating too many calories will increase inflammation in the body and cause an omega 3 deficiency.

Non-fish oil sources of DHA and EPA are found in algae products available at the health food store.  The reason fish oil is high in DHA and EPA is because of the algae that the fish eat!  Other alternatives to fish oil are hemp seed and flax seed oils. The only challenge there is that the body still needs to convert those oils into the usable DHA and EPA and the process is inefficient.  In our medical practice we use products containing Martek’s algae-sourced fatty acids and also recommend that patients use Udo’s Essential Blend with DHA.

-Dr. Gina

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